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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a matchmaking service? What does a Matchmaker do?

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A matchmaking service provides a Client with eligible matches or "introductions" from a database of hand selected individuals.  A Matchmaker's sole job is to not only walk you through the process of finding and keeping everlasting love, but providing you with matches based on a lengthy interview process so that you are not wasting time going on dates that are ill-suited to you. The Client continues to go on dates and provide feedback to the Matchmaker until the perfect match has been made.


Dating and being in a committed relationship can be time consuming and complicated enough even when you are with the right person! However, unfortunately many of us (for a variety of reasons) are not picking the right people to be with, or are having a hard time finding them in a world that has been increasingly creating more and more barriers to connecting with others in the dating realm. Let a matchmaker take some of the struggle out of finding your soulmate by connecting you with the right individuals suited for you.

2. What is the process of hiring a Matchmaker? How do I get started as soon as today?

The first and of course most important step is dedicating yourself to finding love, or your soulmate.  Once you’ve decided that you are actively going to pursue love in your life, the rest of the hard work is up to your matchmaker.  Frist, through a brief phone call, you will be prescreened to make sure that the services you are looking for, and the services that the matchmaker can provide to you, match up.  Next, you and your matchmaker will arrange a time to meet to learn more about you—your personality, values, and beliefs, and the characteristics that are important to you in a match.  If at this time you decide that you are interested in contracting a matchmaker, you will pick which membership you feel best suits you, and schedule another in-person meeting where your matchmaker will conduct an even more in-depth, detailed interview.

3. How are Clients matched? What is the difference between online dating and dating agencies?

Both the clients and database members are interviewed at length. Based on the information that EACH party provides, and the intuition of the Matchmaker, the opportunity to introduce one another is presented. From there, each party decides whether or not he/she accepts the match for the initial introduction. The main difference between online dating and dating agencies is that your Matchmaker is hand selecting people from both a company database, and in the  community, in order to give you your ideal match. The focus is on quality, not quantity. As we all know, it only takes one: the right one. Online dating is a mind-game in and of itself, while dating agencies simply plug basic information into a computer program to generate leads solely based on superficial characteristics (height, weight, ethnicity) and perhaps shared common interests. It does not take the whole person into account or utilize the keen intuitive skills and coaching that a Matchmaker provides.

4. Does everyone get accepted as a Client or Database Member?

Unfortunately we are not able to take everyone on as a client or as a database member.  In order to provide the highest quality of service, your matchmaker will, and should, only take you on as a client or database member if she truly feels that she is able to provide outstanding results.

5. Do you conduct background checks/screenings on your Clients and Database Members?

Yes. EVERYONE who is matched has had a background check conducted. However, whenever you are meeting someone that you are not familiar with, it should always be in a public place, someone close to you should know what your plans are, and you should always trust your gut and intuition.  If something does not feel right, do not hesitate to end your date and contact your matchmaker and/or local authorities immediately.

6. Is there a fee for the initial consultation/interview?

Absolutely not.  We understand that to some this process may seem foreign and you may want to enter it at first with a little trepidation. It is our goal during our first meeting to get to know you a little bit better and put your mind at ease. This is our opportunity together to see if we can have a productive working relationship.